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Hi. Welcome to my "taboo" blog. My name is Steph, and when I first started this, I was still in my thirties. In 2017, I switch decades! I am a Christian, so underlying everything I do and say is the Word of God, and the foundational truths I have learnt over the years. This doesn't mean I'm perfect - I am human. It just means I recognise I need God's help to live this life and try to live out His way, as best I can. So that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for taking the time to read through my blog, I hope you draw strength, hope or encouragement from what you read.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fast Forward Please??!

If only it was possible to hit a 'fast forward' button in life now and again. It would be so much easier to deal with stuff if I could just hit that button and avoid it altogether!!! You know what I mean???
If I could, I'd skip to the part where I'm a real mum and holding my own Bubba!!!

But it seems that God, in His wisdom, hasn't designed life like that... Probably because we'd miss out on so much, like the comfort He gives us, the encouragement He brings or even the lessons He teaches. Not to mention the opportunity He gives us to stand strong in Him when we're at our weakest moment!

It turns out that my body, for this month, has thrown in the towel... At least according to the ovulation tests it has. It was like, "sorry girl but this month the egg ain't even gonna be released - I'm tired of fighting - need time out!"

I don't blame it really, how often I have wondered what happens to those eggs which can't get past the blockage in the Fallopian Tube. It's really sad though, because ovulation is the reason for Auntie Flow and for the hope each month and gives me reason to hang on that in spite of the blockage, it could still happen because that's what ovulating is about.

Oh well... That leaves one more month to TTC before I have to have the op to unblock these tubes of mine. One more chance to conceive without any medical intervention.

The countdown to the laparoscopic thingy is underway! If only I could hit that button now...!

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