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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Femail article Frustration

I felt the anger and irritation rising up within me, with each word I read. The selfishness of the article writer was making my blood boil - and the more I read, the more I wanted to stop reading, but like those scenes on TV you really don't want to watch but have to watch, I couldn't bring myself to close the page.

It was only an article in the Femail section of the Daily Mail. But I couldn't believe the arrogant stance of the writer. She was pregnant... with her third child... which was a huge disaster for her and her perfect plans for her perfect family and her perfect future. When she found out she was pregnant she says things like, 
But this pregnancy is the last thing I want. A third baby is the straw that will break the camel’s back, a strain on our balanced, happy family. An abortion is out of the question, obviously. Like it or not, I am going to be a mother again.
‘I’ve ruined everything,’ I weep, my shoulders heaving, as my dreams of sending my two little darlings to exclusive prep schools vanish. Any notion of regularly treating them to regular consignments from Mini Boden is forgotten... would this baby ruin my children's lives?
The horror she felt at being pregnant again, had more to do with her selfish ambition for her careful plans, than it had to do with there being any real issue. I understand that there are women for whom another child would be an absolute no-no, because of genuine reasons, like health issues, or there is a real threat of death to the mother or child, and I know that there are women in countries like China, for whom any more than one child is considered "illegal". But the attitude of this expectant mum STANK!

She tried to redeem herself to women like myself, who are struggling to conceive one child, never mine a second or third, 
I’m all too aware that the many thousands of women out there who are struggling to start a family would give anything to trade places with me. The irony is we battled for years to have our babies.
My medical records read like a gynaecological horror story, with endless fertility drugs, two failed IVFs, one ectopic pregnancy and one miscarriage. I know only too well what it is like to long for a child only to have your hopes dashed month after month.
I can't believe that anyone who has struggles to conceive would take on this attitude toward their pregnancy... if you really didn't want another one, there are contraception methods available to use! But to start to say that this new baby will ruin the lives of his or her siblings, what kind of a start in life is that! Imagine when the child grows up and reads the words this woman has written about them before they were even born?? If that's not going to cause huge rejection issues, I don't know what will! 

I pray that this woman will love her new baby as much as she loves her other children, and that the Lord will protect him or her from knowing how much he or she wasn't wanted... it's not the child's fault he or she was conceived. It is down to the parents who made a baby, but ultimately - it is the plan of the God, who knits us together in out mother's womb... Who chose the point of conception and the moment in time this child will live... I pray that this child - irrespective of his or her family religious background, will become a mighty tool in the hand of God for His Kingdom purposes!

And for every woman who is struggling to conceive, may she know the JOY of finding out she is pregnant within this hard journey she wanders. 

Read the article here, if you really want to!

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