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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sex-change Mum's Getting Free IVF

When I read the title of this article it literally caused me to exclaim out loud...not something I normally do: "March of the Male Mums: Women Having Sex Change on the NHS are also receiving FREE IVF". How on earth can it be fair?!!?!

I was denied any kind of NHS help for IVF because my ex had a child from a previous relationship - which was supposed to satisfy my desire to become a mum - but look at this: Women who decide they don't want to be women any more, but want to become a man, are being given the FREE HELP to have IVF treatment to become a mum!!!!!!!!

Come on!!!!!

How is this even close to being fair?????

I am woman.

I choose to remain a woman.

God has made me a woman.

Yet my life choice at the time - ie the choice of the man I married - meant I was not entitled to become a mum, but someone who decides they want to stop being a woman and become a man can still exercise the most basic of womanly functions and have a baby - with FREE help from the NHS.

So my taxes go to help these people, but I couldn't be helped?????

God seriously!!! This is not justice, not your design for humanity. And it most definitely IS NOT fair!!!

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