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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sexy Snowball Pants for The Hubbys!

I was reading the Daily Mail, and came across and article which basically says that our Hubby's sperm is at it best, it's healthiest, it's strongest... errr.... NOW! (read the article here)

I mean seriously, why have they been holding onto this news, if a man's sperm is at it's best in winter and early spring, why haven't they told us before! Man! It's almost the end of Spring!!! Apparently, Hubby's little swimmers prefer the colder weather than the glorious heat of Summer - picky lot!

I guess that explains the development of these wonder "snowball" pants!! Invented by a man who struggled to conceive with his wife, he did some research and realised that  heat can kill off the little swimmers, who were actually much happier at colder temperatures, which is nigh-on impossible to achieve in the summer - especially in Morrocco where he currently lives. So he decided to help them along a bit!

So ladies, you know what perfect pressie to buy for your Hubby!! These special undies come fitted with a special pocket for a specially created ice-pack which although sound like a great way to keep cool in summer, though I'm not sure I could ever convince Hubby to don a pair! Maybe someone's Hubby will brave the snowball pants!

As the developers say,
Snowballs is an inexpensive, scientifically proven, patent-pending natural fertility solution for men attempting to conceive....We believe in miracles, but don’t count on Snowballs to work “miracles”. They should increase both sperm quality and quantity, and they should give you a better chance to conceive at minimal cost, but fertility science is complex.
Sexy underwear with purpose for our guys!!

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